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Web ini x secure Empty Web ini x secure

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 28, 2008 9:03 pm

Hi guys..or should i say gays..

haha..just kidding.. Just want to add 1 important information, this web is not secure! aku try register..dan die save password aku.. thats mean, admin can check wats my password..betul x? better u all ubah scripting die sket.. BB Code nie da maju..so..hopefully korang bole install some security scripting dlm modul BB nie.. okey ? =) heh heh..saje mempraktik kan ape yg diajar oleh Mr. Uwe Heinz Dippel in security course in my field (and our field too).. So, hopefully administrator could do something to prevent something like this happen again.. One more thing, its nice to have this forum..for our group.. I try to participate as much as i can..to contribute.. Neway, good luck to all of you guys and girls..


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Web ini x secure Empty Re: Web ini x secure

Post by fuzzy on Sat Jun 28, 2008 10:23 pm

I've not much information about security but this is just a forum...
That's all I can say... It's free and to me, security isn't an issue for this forum...

The purpose of this forum... To get us back together all the time... Share our story...

It's hard to get us back together... If the forum has been hacked, we build another one... Hehehe... Firesh plak jadi mangsa nanti... solly...

To me... Friends are meant to be forever... A site is just a site...

Just sharing my simple tough... I'm pretty damn bored of adulthood right now... Need my frens T.T

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